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This is the Talisman Expansion Database a list of official and fan created expansions to the Second and Third Editions of the Games Workshop game Talisman. Browse through the pages on this site to discover the vast number of Characters, Cards and Endings available.

What's New

The database now contains every expansion I know about - That's 399. Does anyone want to tell me about number 400?

Number 400 was Lucky 13 - Wizards

I've reached the 15,000 card mark. The 15,000th card was "Riding Horse" from The Vision expansion if you're interested.

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20-Dec-2013 14:12:00


Sites 38(-)
Authors 155(+1)
Cards 15186(+960)
Types 82(-)
Decks 220(+1)
Endings 175(+9)

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Well they're not actually. These are questions that you might ask.

Q. Can I see the cards?

A. Well yes but not on this site. They are hosted elsewhere and you'll need to download them from there. Every expansion is linked to a page on another web site from which you can download the cards, boards and rules.

Q. Can I search for a card or character?

A. Not currently. These are just static pages created from the data in a database. It's ordered in a number of different ways so you should be able to find what you're looking for one way or another.

Q. You've made a mistake

A. Yes more than likely. There are undoubtedly several mistakes on the pages. Some expansions did not specify which cards went into which deck so I made a judgement call on where to put them (mainly Timescape or Adventure). If I've got something wrong then let me know:

PageWhat's wrong? 

Q. Why haven't you included this expansion?

A. If you know of an expansion that I haven't listed then you can fill in this form below and tell me about it.

Expansion NameAddress 

Q. What else are you going to add?

A. Future plans are:

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