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Sunken Graveyard

Sunken Graveyard

VerIconOrderAPsEquipmentTreasure (Ocs)
 Sunken GraveyardLV161 Machete, 1 Digging16 - 232 (86)

Sunken Graveyard
More menacing in its appearance than an Ancient Graveyard, this hidden-away resting place of the dead (and perhaps those not quite so dead) is craggy to the extreme. The entire site is about 8 hands below the surrounding terrain. With all of the overgrown vines and weeds that lie about, a Curved Machete is required to penetrate inward. Several bones lie scattered around the many grave sites…perhaps indicating that past looters didn't make it out alive. All around the very edge or boundary of the Sunken Graveyard are broken bones...sort of a line of death? Should bravery or foolishness overcome your sanity, ready your shovel for some serious digging. Having a Mount or some other guardian present would be worthwhile, too.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North---4 (1.2)4 (1.1)3 (0.6)11
Central---3 (0.8)1 (0.3)9 (1.4)13
South---3 (0.8)4 (1.3)6 (1.1)13


Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Wasteland Total


 163Cemetery CreeperAncient GraveyardSunken GraveyardPlant10-24 (133) Wrestling  
 164Carrion CrowAncient GraveyardSunken GraveyardBird13-29 (147)(2-3)Pointed0-3 Carrion Talon(#164)  
 193Six-headed AdderAncient GraveyardGreat CaveJungleKoma DenLarge CaveSunken GraveyardSnake52-118 (602)(3-12)Edged0-4 Food (#99)Capture No
 199Shifting WraithGreat CaveSunken GraveyardUndead57-113 (7)(3-5)  Capture No
 202Dart OwlSunken GraveyardBird43-104 (35)(1-4)Edged  
 203DaggerbirdSunken GraveyardBird67-106 (9)(2-3)   


 30Ocular Coin2000Cannot Sell Ancient GraveyardBodden CampHillockKoma DenLarge CaveLoggerhead Camp
Mine ShaftSmall CaveStone CryptSunken GraveyardSmall QuarryTainted Hollow
Tomb of Mumi
 80Long Sword1Far Forge

Collapsed VaultHillockLoggerhead CampSunken GraveyardUnderwater GrottoEdgedClass 4   
 88Silver-tipped Dart12Far Forge

Bodden CampKoma DenLarge CaveLarge QuarrySmall CaveSunken GraveyardMissileClass 4   
 206Butcher's Cleaver1Far Forge

Fungus ForestSunken GraveyardEdgedClass 3   
 352Silver Bauble40Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardGreat CaveKoma DenLarge CaveLoggerhead CampStone Crypt
Sunken GraveyardTomb of Mumi
 BaubleMakeable Items Silver Lotus Elixir (#281) 
 353Slink Bauble100Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardCollapsed VaultFungus ForestKoma DenLarge CaveLoggerhead Camp
Stone CryptSunken GraveyardUnderwater Grotto
 BaubleMakeable Items Green Lotus Elixir (#258) 
 354Black Ball6Far Inn

Koma DenLoggerhead CampLarge QuarrySunken GraveyardTomb of Mumi  Makeable Items Swinging Ball (#250) 
 355Yellow Bauble50Far Inn

Collapsed VaultFungus ForestHillockKoma DenLarge CaveSunken Graveyard
Tomb of MumiUnderwater Grotto
 BaubleMakeable Items Stinky Lotus Elixir (#282) 
 356Red Bauble50Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardCollapsed VaultFungus ForestHillockKoma DenLarge Cave
Loggerhead CampSmall CaveSunken GraveyardTomb of MumiUnderwater Grotto
 BaubleMakeable Items Pink Lotus Elixir (#259) 
 357White Bauble50Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardCollapsed VaultFungus ForestHillockKoma DenLarge Cave
Loggerhead CampSmall CaveStone CryptSunken GraveyardSmall QuarryTomb of Mumi
Underwater Grotto
 360Silver Bone Necklace3Cannot Sell Koma DenSunken GraveyardVoodoo WorkshopAmulet  TreasureProtection from Vampires and the Undead
 361Golden Ocular Coin2000Far Exotica

Far Inn

Koma DenLarge CaveSmall CaveSunken GraveyardSmall QuarryTomb of Mumi Coin  
 363Zoingo Gold Coin1000Far Exotica

Far Inn


Ancient GraveyardKoma DenLarge CaveLarge QuarryMine ShaftSunken Graveyard Coin  
 364Zoingo Silver Coin1000Far Exotica

Far Inn


Ancient GraveyardGreat CaveKoma DenLarge CaveLarge QuarryMine Shaft
Small CaveSunken GraveyardTomb of Mumi
 366Kwando Guilder Coin5000Far Exotica

Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardKoma DenLarge CaveSmall CaveSunken GraveyardSmall Quarry
Tomb of Mumi
 372Unreadable Scroll10Far Inn

Great CaveHillockKoma DenLoggerhead CampLarge QuarrySmall Cave
Sunken GraveyardTomb of Mumi


Baddu-Bac109Dart Owl Six-headed Adder, Shifting Wraith
 152Dart Owl Cemetery Creeper1 Silver Bone Necklace, 6 Silver-tipped DartShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl  1 Unreadable Scroll, 2 Slink BaubleShifting Wraith
 153Dart Owl  2 Slink Bauble
 218Carrion Crow  1 Unreadable Scroll, 2 Yellow BaubleShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl Cemetery Creeper
  Shifting Wraith
 312Dart Owl-7 HealthCarrion Crow7 Zoingo Gold CoinShifting Wraith, Daggerbird
 612Dart Owl Carrion Crow
  Dart Owl  5 Zoingo Gold CoinDaggerbird
 897Dart Owl Carrion Crow
  Dart Owl Carrion Crow, Daggerbird
 898Dart Owl-11 Health 1 Long Sword, 36 Zoingo Silver Coin, 9 Ocular CoinShifting Wraith
 922Dart Owl Shifting Wraith9 Zoingo Silver CoinShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl-11 HealthDaggerbird6 Slink Bauble, 9 Silver-tipped DartShifting Wraith
 1153Dart Owl Shifting Wraith1 Unreadable Scroll, 42 Ocular Coin, 6 White BaubleShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl Cemetery Creeper1 Golden Ocular CoinShifting Wraith
 1158Dart Owl Carrion Crow6 White Bauble
  Dart Owl-10 Health 33 Zoingo Silver CoinShifting Wraith
 1181Dart Owl Cemetery Creeper, Shifting Wraith12 Zoingo Silver CoinShifting Wraith, Six-headed Adder
  Dart Owl-10 Health 7 White Bauble
Gargoyle791Dart Owl-11 HealthSix-headed Adder, Carrion Crow, Shifting Wraith1 Butcher's Cleaver, 1 Silver BaubleShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl-7 HealthCemetery Creeper36 Zoingo Silver CoinShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl-11 HealthCemetery Creeper15 Slink BaubleShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl-8 HealthCarrion Crow1 Silver BaubleShifting Wraith
 952Dart Owl Six-headed Adder, Carrion Crow2 Unreadable Scroll, 24 Ocular Coin, 8 Kwando Guilder CoinShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl Shifting Wraith1 Black BallShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl Shifting Wraith2 Unreadable Scroll, 8 Silver-tipped Dart, 8 Slink BaubleShifting Wraith, Six-headed Adder
  Dart Owl Daggerbird, Cemetery Creeper1 Golden Ocular Coin, 4 Silver-tipped DartShifting Wraith
Karl Shadowborn174Dart Owl-7 HealthCarrion Crow, Shifting Wraith1 Silver BaubleDaggerbird
   -6 HealthCemetery Creeper2 Red BaubleShifting Wraith
 320Dart Owl Cemetery Creeper1 Unreadable Scroll, 11 Kwando Guilder Coin, 39 Ocular CoinShifting Wraith
 345Dart Owl-9 HealthDaggerbird5 Slink BaubleShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl Carrion Crow, Shifting Wraith2 Unreadable Scroll, 5 Ocular Coin, 5 Slink BaubleShifting Wraith
Wyrmbreath248Dart Owl  1 Silver Bauble, 1 Unreadable Scroll
  Dart Owl-6 Health 4 Zoingo Gold CoinShifting Wraith
Wysdumb413Dart Owl Daggerbird2 Unreadable Scroll, 8 White Bauble
  Dart Owl-7 HealthCemetery Creeper8 White BaubleShifting Wraith
  Dart Owl Carrion Crow1 Butcher's Cleaver, 7 Slink BaubleShifting Wraith, Daggerbird

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