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Monster Island is a lovely, natural paradise of birds, lizards, flowers and creatures that would like to eat you head. Development is limited to those few areas where the indigenous monster races make their homes. This terrain, WASTELAND, however, is not like other terrains. Here, someone has used very bad magics to fell ancient High Jungle. This magic has a few side effects, too, and the creatures in Wasteland terrain are not the friendly sort. Some are even twisted and mutated beyond recognition. Pity be the one who gets lost in Wasteland because here, it is very easy to get "wasted."


 369Devastation BeastWastelandUnknown85-85 (1)(2-2)   
 370Carrion VultureDream LocationWastelandBird34-40 (4)(2-2)   
 371Armoured RoachWastelandInsect   
 374Bleeding TuskdogWastelandAnimal   
 375Glowing DarthogWastelandAnimal   

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