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This common terrain is somewhat flat and littered with assorted varieties of bamboo plants. Sometimes the bamboo gets so thick that moving through the square is like trying to fight your way through a tight maze. There are some palm trees, but too often they are lying on their sides, decaying, fallen from old age or knocked down by an unfriendly storm. In thin bamboo, you can see pretty far.Thick bamboo affords easy hiding places and obscures everything much farther than the end of your nose! Although Sticks terrain turns up some food when foraging, it is the hunting that makes this terrain rewarding.


 102Slither SnakeGreat CaveKoma DenSand and PalmsSticksSwampSnake7-15 (72)(2-4) 0-1 Food (#99)Capture Snake Trap
 107LandsharkSticksSwampFish17-54 (50) Wrestling5 Food (#99) 
 112Black Pack RowtLow HillsSticksAnimal3-7 (22)(1-2)Missile0-1 Black Pack Rowt Lens(#32) 1 Food (#99)Capture Swarth Net
 117BolotamusJungleSand and PalmsSticksOther20-30 (5)(1-1)Bashing0-1 Bolotamus Muscle(#117) Mounts Erratic Smoke Bottle Capture No
 139Three-tailed RattlerGreat CaveKoma DenSand and PalmsSticksSnake4-12 (87)(2-3)Bashing1 Food (#99)Capture Snake Trap
 146Cane CrawlerSticksAnimal8-12 (13)(2-3) 1-2 Food (#99)Capture No
 147BarkbruteSticksPlant13-26 (11)(1-1)Wrestling0-1 Barkbrute Skin(#147) Capture No
 148ThermadonSticksReptile10-16 (3)(1-1) 1 Food (#99)Capture No
 149Thermadon RexSticksReptile111-236 (30)(3-4) 0-1 Thermadon Rex Wings(#149) Capture Deep Pit
 171Grizzly HedgehogSticksAnimal58-126 (54)(1-5) 0-1 Fluffy Hogtail(#171) 2-6 Food (#99)Capture No
 173Double-Pawed CougarLow HillsSticksAnimal49-106 (75)(4-8)Edged2-4 Food (#99)Mounts Erratic Smoke Bottle Capture No
 180TuskerLow HillsSticksSwampAnimal92-151 (7)(1-2)Fuvah0-1 Tusker Tusk(#180) 24-40 Food (#99)Capture No
 182SharkflySticksSwampBird15-34 (12)(6-11)   
 187Rogue SwineSticksAnimal59-118 (50)(3-5)Pointed0-1 Swine Fat(#187) 4-8 Food (#99)Mounts Sorrel Smoke Bottle  
 191KabamongooseSticksAnimal27-64 (107)(2-4)Edged-2147483648-2 Food (#99)Capture No
 215NitrohenSticksAnimal18-64 (44)(1-2)Pole0-3 Nitroegg(#215) 1-3 Food (#99) 
 218Mad StalkerJungleSticksOther90-196 (38)(3-6)Pole Capture No
 223ChasuckJungleSticksFish54-118 (36)(2-3)Pointed Capture No

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