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The salty sea surrounding the island is normally calm. Still, storms can and do blast the coast. It is best for you to be inland during a serious storm unless you would actually enjoy being swept away by a high wave. Scattered near the island are islets. Watch out for coral areas should you find or build a raft and venture into the sea. Visibility is usually excellent along the coast. A net would be handy for catching fish.


 115Giant TortoiseSeaReptile49-79 (13)(1-1)Pole0-1 Giant Tortoise Shell(#12) 6-10 Food (#99)Mounts Erratic Smoke Bottle  
 145SunbaskerSeaReptile2-2 (2)(1-1)Bashing1 Food (#99) 
 153MunknutSand and PalmsSeaAnimal2-2 (2)(2-2) 1 Food (#99) 
 154McMacawSeaBird2-2 (5)(2-3)Bashing1 Food (#99) 
 155SeagroatSeaBird2-2 (4)(1-1)Bashing1 Food (#99) 

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