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Sand and Palms

Sand and Palms

Sand & Palms
Sand and palm trees - they're everywhere! Or so it seems. This, the most common terrain of the island, consists of lightly colored sand dotted with assorted varieties of trees (mostly palms), bushes, and similar vegetation. The screeches of the birds and animals living in this terrain are almost musical to the ear. (That is if you like New Wave music!) Visibility is quite good and, if you take the right precautions, it is probably the safest terrain to camp in. It's also the best terrain for foraging, although no better than average for hunting.


 102Slither SnakeGreat CaveKoma DenSand and PalmsSticksSwampSnake7-15 (72)(2-4) 0-1 Food (#99)Capture Snake Trap
 103Squeezy SnakeGreat CaveKoma DenLarge CaveSand and PalmsSmall CaveSnake4-9 (87)(2-3)Bashing0-1 Squzskin(#10) 0-2 Food (#99)Capture Snake Trap
 106Killer Koala BearLow HillsSand and PalmsTainted HollowAnimal8-54 (34)(2-3) 0-10 Koala Tooth(#106) -2147483648-1 Food (#99)Capture Swarth Net
 117BolotamusJungleSand and PalmsSticksOther20-30 (5)(1-1)Bashing0-1 Bolotamus Muscle(#117) Mounts Erratic Smoke Bottle Capture No
 120Sand ThugSand and PalmsFish2-60 (67)(1-1)   
 127SmiteSand and PalmsAnimal28-64 (59)(1-1)Pole0-1 Smite Pike(#68) Mounts Erratic Smoke Bottle Capture No
 130TholomiteSand and PalmsInsect8-16 (15)(1-1)Edged0-1 Tholomite Heart(#130) Capture No
 138Mandibular CrabSand and PalmsFish8-17 (5)(1-1)Pole0-6 Crab Exoscale(#138) Capture No
 139Three-tailed RattlerGreat CaveKoma DenSand and PalmsSticksSnake4-12 (87)(2-3)Bashing1 Food (#99)Capture Snake Trap
 141Fork-tailed ScorpionSand and PalmsSmall QuarryTainted HollowInsect8-17 (25)(2-3) 0-4 Scorpoison(#141) 0-1 Food (#99)Capture Deep Pit
 143Dune OozeSand and PalmsOther16-47 (66)(1-2) 0-1 Oozelet(#143) 0-6 Food (#99)Capture No
 144Ripple BeastSand and PalmsOther5-11 (29)(1-1) 0-3 Guano Plasm(#144) Capture No
 153MunknutSand and PalmsSeaAnimal2-2 (2)(2-2) 1 Food (#99) 
 172Gargantu Tree-SlothLarge QuarrySand and PalmsTainted HollowAnimal10-90 (79)(2-2)Wrestling1-2 Food (#99) 
 189CrobblerJungleSand and PalmsPlant20-94 (48) Wrestling0-1 Crobbler Skin(#189) 0-2 Food (#99)Capture No
 292Sand MiteSand and PalmsInsect7-30 (25)(1-4)   
 335SandlingSand and PalmsSnake36-66 (21)(2-3) 1 Food (#99) 

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