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This is what you would call "barely navigable jungle." It is difficult to move through. Mounts become very irritable when traversing this terrain. Because visibility is poor, encounters with Creatures are fewest in Jungle terrain - or so it seems. Foraging success is sheer luck. Hunting is difficult but often enough successful. Everyone is a little more nervous and tense in Jungle. This leads to a higher frequency of encounters becoming battles.


 111Scatamunga BeastJungleLow HillsAnimal19-40 (50)(1-1)Pole0-1 Scatamunga Horn(#54) 2-4 Food (#99)Capture No
 114Jungle RattlerJungleKoma DenSnake12-32 (100)(1-2) 0-2 Rattler Dart(#50) 1 Food (#99)Capture Snake Trap
 116DactylJungleBird20-81 (57)(2-4)Missile0-1 Dactyl Hide(#13) Capture No
 117BolotamusJungleSand and PalmsSticksOther20-30 (5)(1-1)Bashing0-1 Bolotamus Muscle(#117) Mounts Erratic Smoke Bottle Capture No
 174Red-Eyed Jungle CatJungleAnimal39-83 (56)(3-5)Pointed1 Food (#99)Capture No
 177Tawni SnakeJungleKoma DenSnake49-106 (67)(1-2) 1-2 Food (#99) 
 178Demon CondorJungleBird33-33 (1)(1-4) 3 Demon Condor Feather(#139) Capture No
 189CrobblerJungleSand and PalmsPlant20-94 (48) Wrestling0-1 Crobbler Skin(#189) 0-2 Food (#99)Capture No
 190Goo SnakeAncient GraveyardGreat CaveJungleKoma DenSnake24-52 (113)(2-3)   
 193Six-headed AdderAncient GraveyardGreat CaveJungleKoma DenLarge CaveSunken GraveyardSnake52-118 (602)(3-12)Edged0-4 Food (#99)Capture No
 218Mad StalkerJungleSticksOther90-196 (38)(3-6)Pole Capture No
 222Giant Tree SquidGiant Tree Squid NestJungleFish66-140 (33)(2-4)Edged3-6 Food (#99) 
 223ChasuckJungleSticksFish54-118 (36)(2-3)Pointed Capture No

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