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High Jungle

High Jungle

High Jungle
This is the Real Jungle! It is so dense that ground level is too difficult for Monsters to travel through. However, muscular Monsters equipped with a Jute Rope and a Spare Rope can enter this terrain by issuing the HIGH JUNGLE ENTRY order: HJ. It costs 4 Action Pts. You must then attempt entry into a High Jungle square with your next order (T or H). This will enable you to climb up and travel through the upper level, called the canopy level. In the tree tops, visibility is close to normal, but this is still a very dangerous terrain to venture into. If you have a Mount, you'll leave it behind, and who knows if it will still be there when (if?) you return.


 402Giant Black AntBodden CampHigh JungleInsect17-38 (27)(2-3)Pole1-2 Food (#99) 
 403Giant Red AntBodden CampHigh JungleInsect23-46 (33)(2-3)Pole2-4 Food (#99) 
 404Giant Army AntBodden CampHigh JungleInsect35-77 (27)(2-3)Pole2-4 Food (#99) 
 405Termin-AntBodden CampHigh JungleInsect48-93 (22)(2-4)Pole2-6 Food (#99) 

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