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Xanxu Construct

Xanxu Construct

 466Xanxu Construct1Cannot Sell Makable Items Cache, 6 Group Members (85) 2 White Lotus Leaf (#14), 6 Xanxu Snake Head (#160), 8 Xanxu Leg Joint (#158), 8 Xanxu Webbed Feet (#196), 4 Somanda Dust (#23), 4 Black Lotus Leaf (#17), 2 Xanxu Bear Carcass (#225)    Rebuilding Towers and summoning Wizards
Carefully designed by the Sorceror Xanxu, the Xanxu Construct is a think of remarkable power. It can hoist and move stone from the ground to amazing heights. Its magical properties also are known to be attractants for the magical spirits of Wizards, powerful beings well-versed in voodoo and magic. Too bad all Wizards were banished following the Demigod Wars as they could provide Ruks with some exceptional knowledge about voodoo and magic.

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