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Voodoo Serpent Potion

Voodoo Serpent Potion

 298Voodoo Serpent Potion0 Makable Items Vessel Geyser, Captured Snake (65) 1 Oil (#22), 1 Turgid Toadstool (#109), 1 Kudo Bone (#399)  Voodoo Yasmin
If this is the least of the Black Voodoo potions, the others are going to be scary! To make it, you need just one Kudo Bone, one Turgid Toadstool, and one snake of an appropriate species. Next, find a Geyser and get out a suitable cauldron and get to brewing up the mix in a base of one oil. When the green vapor starts to rise, pour the mixture down the snake's gullet and step back (waaaaaayy baaaaaaack) and watch the contortions and gyrations. When complete, the snake you had brought will become the serpent you have wrought. It will hide in the vicinity of the geyser and when it detects the puny worshippers of Kadar the Meek, it will attack with horrible power. If killed, your Black Voodoo will bring it back for another day.
Voodoo Serpent Snakes
In making a Voodoo Serpent, you must have captured one of the following: Great Trap Snake, Squeezy Snake, Jungle Rattler, Funnel Snake, or Six-Headed Adder. Nothing else will work. All of this will take you 65 Action Points. To make the Voodoo Serpent, issue the Make Order M 298 in a square with a geyser.

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