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Swamppus Rake

Swamppus Rake

 51Swamppus Rake1Far Inn

Makable Items (22) 1 Squzskin (#10), 1 Swamppus Paw (#52) PointedClass 3   
Do thoughts of Freddie cone to mind every time you shut out the lights? If so, then protect yourself with a mighty Swamppus Rake. Just ake one Swamppus Paw and one Squzskin. Using a knife, spend 22 Action Pts by using a MAKE order: M 51. This fits your hand like a glove - its claws are attached to the end of each finger. Since they're nearly a hand long, the claws give you a nightmarish quality that can strike fear into your opponent. A Swamppus Rake is a Pointed Weapon of Damage Class 3. You can carry just one.

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