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Snapper Whip

Snapper Whip

 469Snapper Whip1Far Forge

Makable Items Knife (65) 6 Squzskin (#10), 2 Snapper Skin (#208)Bodden CampWhipClass 4   
Snapper Snakes are a difficult foe, with their snapping heads and sharp fangs. As an ingenious Ruk, you figure that you can do something similar by taking 2 Snapper Skins, 6 Squzskins, and a knife to put together a Snapper Whip. Carefully cut and braid the Squzskins to make a good handle and make sure the fanged end of the Snapper Skins are at the business end. It will take you 65 Action Points to do it and when you are done you will have a very fine Class 4 Whip Weapon. You can carry 1.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp1725 in 142

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