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Silver-Plated Armour

Silver-Plated Armour

 378Silver-plated Armour1Far Forge

Great CaveTomb of MumiUnderwater GrottoBodyClass 4   
This odd-looking, well-worn Body Armour shines in places and is dull in others. It resembles a solid patchwork of plates of silver backed by something similar to Barkbrute Skin. It provides Armour Class 4 protection and additional protection versus certain foes. You can carry 1.

Available From

Xamfir's Xamfir'sP490
Xylmix's Xylmix'sP590
Xydnox's Xydnox'sP390
Xeklud's Xeklud'sP490
Xamadu's Xamadu'sP490
Xelnix's Xelnix'sP590
Xuxmux's Xuxmux'sP590
Xazaku's Xazaku'sP490
Xixxil's Xixxil'sP590
Xubaar's Xubaar'sP590

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Underwater Grotto Underwater Grotto43 in 72
Great Cave Great Cave01 in 122
Tomb of Mumi Tomb of Mumi11 in 78

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