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Silver Lotus Elixir

Silver Lotus Elixir

 281Silver Lotus Elixir0 Makable Items Vessel (50) 1 Oil (#22), 1 Silver Bauble (#352), 1 Black Lotus Leaf (#17), 1 White Lotus Leaf (#14) WrestlingVoodoo  
Down a single dose of this voodoo elixir and your skin will take on an eerie metallic look for the rest of the day. Quite possibly a useful elixir to drink before wrestling creatures affected by silver. To make a dose, spend 50 action points mixing together 1 Black Lotus Leaf, 1 Oil, 1 White Lotus Leaf and 1 Silver Bauble in your Voodoo Cauldron. You can carry up to 5 of this elixir.

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