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Silver Knuckles

Silver Knuckles

 126Silver Knuckles2Far Forge

Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardHillockLoggerhead CampMine ShaftWrestling  Increases Wrestling damage by 50 - 200%
This occasionally useful item is made by any competent Forger. Although Silver Knuckles are not equipped per se, they're automatically used whenever you're Wrestling someone or something. It can increase damage by 50% at times, or up to 200% vs. foes particularly susceptible to silver weaponry. Silver Knuckles are the Blood Mummy's bane. You gain a slight additional benefit from having two instead of just one. You can carry 5.

Available From

The Silver Hook The Silver HookP531
The Dark Anvil The Dark AnvilP631
Spigot's Red Spigot's RedP436
The Polished Rod The Polished RodP636
The Korn Hammer The Korn HammerP431
Borsthead's Borsthead'sP436

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft01 in 276
Ancient Graveyard Ancient Graveyard01 in 120
Hillock Hillock14 in 299
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp01 in 230

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