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Shingle Club

Shingle Club

 243Shingle Club1Far Forge

Fungus ForestBashingClass 5  Permanently covered with Shingle Poison
At nearly 4 hands in length, the Shingle Club rivals the Logbat in pure power. The Shingle Club is carved from the heart of the Shingle Tree. This iron-hard wood is polished to an incredibly smooth finish. The handgrip is wrapped with a strange leather that seems to pull the sweat away from your hand. The balance of this weapon is enough to convince you that it is magical in nature. But the light sheen on the business end that really grabs your attention. The Shingle club oozes a light coating of Shingle Poison at all times. Some magical property keeps the flow constant and you would guess the poison will affect any foe you strike. The Shingle Club is a Damage Class 5 Bashing weapon. You can carry 1 (and cautiously at that...).

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest22 in 69

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