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PigIron Greaves

PigIron Greaves

 179PigIron Greaves1Far Forge

Bodden CampMine ShaftGreavesClass 5   
Made of ebony-black Piglron, these PigIron Greaves are some of the toughest armour available to any Ruk. PigIron Greaves are typically worn by the various tribes of Trolls and are often too huge to fit even the most studly of Ruks. If you are lucky you may come across a small version of this item that is equipable. If so, they will provide an excellent Class 5 protection to your hands and forearms. You can carry only one pair as they are very heavy and it requires a muscle of 350 to equip them.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp2333 in 142
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft720 in 276

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