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Iron Dagger

Iron Dagger

 332Iron Dagger2Far Forge

Far Inn

Great CaveKoma DenSmall CaveUnderwater GrottoPointedClass 3Dagger  
This is a very well made dagger with a nasty edge that resists dulling. It is a Damage Class 3 Pointed Weapon. You can carry two of them.

Available From

Borsthead's Borsthead'sP361
The Odd Terapus The Odd TerapusP445
The Polished Rod The Polished RodP361

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Underwater Grotto Underwater Grotto11 in 72
Great Cave Great Cave46 in 122
Small Cave Small Cave11 in 54
Koma Den Koma Den13 in 206

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