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Green Lotus Elixir

Green Lotus Elixir

 258Green Lotus Elixir50 Makable Items (18) 1 Slink Bauble (#353), 1 Oil (#22), 1 White Lotus Elixir (#19)  Voodoo Increases Health
If you ever had one of those "Bad Zargnoth Days" then you'll appreciate the power of Green Lotus Elixir. It gives that very special 'umph' that a beat up monster really needs. Making it is simple. Combine one White Lotus Elixir, one oil and one Slink Bauble (you knew that had to have some use) in your voodoo cauldron, mix for a whopping 18 Action Points, and 'voila' there it is. Use the USE order (U 258) to consume this magical elixir. You can carry up to 50 of these.

Available From

Xamadu's Xamadu'sTK 2200
Xubaar's Xubaar'sTK 2200

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