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Four-Clawed Boa

Four-Clawed Boa

 260Four-Clawed BoaKoma DenSnake71-84 (5)(2-4)Yasmin  
Nearly 75 hands long and 15 hands around, the Four-Clawed Boa comes equiped with razor-sharp claws on the end of remarkably strong arms. It can snatch you from the ground and put you in a constricting crush that will crack the bones in your body like dry twigs. When it has forced all of the blood to your head, it uses its claws cut you open so that your juices squirt out like an over-ripe sore on a Monger's nose. Not a pretty sight. These creatures have one sole purpose in life, to test Monsters to determine if they have what it takes to follow Yasmin El Boa.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Koma Den Koma Den37 in 208

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