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Dragonhide Armour

Dragonhide Armour

 327Dragonhide Armour0Far Forge

Koma DenBodyClass 8  Kadar
This is the most prized set of armour known to the seven races. It is a gift bestowed by the Dragon Demigod, Kadar the Black, upon his most loyal followers. This magical armour appears as an outer skin of Dragonhide. In reality, it is nothing more than magical energy focused by the blessing of Kadar himself. It is incredibly tough and can only be destroyed by the wearer. As the item does not exist in this plane, it does not require a slot in the wearer's inventory. The magic is dispelled if the wearer should die or attempt to equip any other set of body armour. This armour is equipped by Kadar and provides Class 8 protection. You cannot "carry" this item.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Koma Den Koma Den01 in 206

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