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Blow Pipe

Blow Pipe

 1Blow Pipe1Cannot Sell Makable Items Sticks (40) Bodden CampMissile   
Very dangerous. You place it in your mouth and blow a razor-sharp dart at your enemy. Of course, you'll need to find darts to fire through it. To make a Blow Pipe, you need to be in Sticks terrain and issue the MAKE Order: M 1. It'll take 40 Action Pts to find an appropriate piece of bamboo to fashion into a usable Blow Pipe. You may only carry one Blow Pipe and each is about 7 hands long. Unlike other weaponry, the Blow Pipe is not equipped per se. Instead, you equip with the dart type that you wish to fire. Each dart type has its own Damage Class. Special Note: You cannot WEAPON PRACTICE with a Blow Pipe.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp100142 in 142

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