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Black Ball

Black Ball

 354Black Ball6Far Inn

Koma DenLoggerhead CampLarge QuarrySunken GraveyardTomb of Mumi  Makeable Items Swinging Ball (#250) 
Black Balls were forged long ago by Jo'golian, the legendary Kwando Magesmith. They're a curious treasure. About an 1/8 of a hand in diameter, each is perfectly spherical and very heavy. When two are placed together, they sort of stick to each other and are difficult to pull apart. You can carry 6.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Tomb of Mumi Tomb of Mumi22 in 78
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp01 in 230
Sunken Graveyard Sunken Graveyard31 in 33
Koma Den Koma Den613 in 206
Large Quarry Large Quarry22 in 82

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