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Ancient Silver Spike

Ancient Silver Spike

 370Ancient Silver Spike2Tower

Bodden CampHillockLoggerhead CampUnderwater Grotto   TreasureKill Vampyres
A nasty-looking, heavy silver spike, this ancient relic has one primary use; it's to be driven into the heart of a vampyre or vampyre construct (preferably when he or she is unconscious). You'll do this automatically if the opportunity should ever present itself. It eradicates the vampyre (or construct) in a superlative fashion. Naturally, if you're found by a Follower of Vlados Xi, the Vampyre demigod, and you're carrying a Silver Spike, you won't be treated in a friendly manner (perhaps this is the understatement of the century!). This item my be deposited into any god's Temple Treasure room. You can carry 2.

Available From

Xylmix's Xylmix'sP1325
Xozmir's Xozmir'sP2325
Xoxmox's Xoxmox'sP2325
Xelnix's Xelnix'sP2325
Xixxil's Xixxil'sP1325
Xamadu's Xamadu'sP2325
Xixmar's Xixmar'sP2325
Xuktar's Xuktar'sP3325
Xaxnar's Xaxnar'sP2325

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp01 in 230
Hillock Hillock01 in 299
Underwater Grotto Underwater Grotto11 in 72
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp2942 in 142

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