Publications - I

Boardgame I Am Providence 2014 Self Published
Boardgame I Am the Fourth Wall 2019 Slinky Gibbon Games
PDF I Want to PlayFXC-07 2019 Stygian Fox
PDF I Want You to Kill the Ice Cream Man 2000 Self Published
Boardgame Iaa! Cthulhu! Fhtagn! 2016 Sphinx Speileverlag
PDF Ice Cream Man * 2019 Chaosium
PDF The Idol of Thoth 2017 Stygian Fox
Boardgame Igor Ichor Promo CardMar 2009 Steve Jackson Games
PDF Ill Omens Art Pack 2018 Chaosium
Magazine Imagine13Apr 1984 TSR
Magazine Imagine28Jul 1985 TSR
Fanzine Imazine16 1987 Self Published
Fanzine The Immortal Minority2 1987 Self Published
Fanzine The Impaler 1984 Self Published
PDF In a Different Light 2011 Cthulhu Reborn
PDF In From the Cold * 2017 Golden Goblin Press
Cards In Memory of DayCT27 2009 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame In the Clutches of Chaos *AHC34 2019 Fantasy Flight
Cards In the Dread of NightCT28 2009 Fantasy Flight
Softback In the ShadowsCHA2357 1995 Chaosium
Boardgame In Too Deep *AHC53 2020 Fantasy Flight
PDF In Whom We Trust 2016 Self Published
PDF The Incriminating Letter 2003 Self Published
PDF Indigo: After the End of the World 2018 Chaosium
Website Infestn/aSelf Published
PDF Inheritance 2019 Chaosium
Cards Initiations of the FavoredCT42 2011 Fantasy Flight
Softback An Inner DarknessGGP2001 2020 Golden Goblin Press
Boardgame The Innsmouth Conspiracy *AHC52 2020 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame Innsmouth EscapeTLC3401 2008 Twilight Creations
Boardgame Innsmouth Horror ExpansionVA57 2009 Fantasy Flight
Novelty Inperium RomanumCHA23115map 2009 Chaosium
PDF Insanitarium 2019 Chaosium
Fanzine Intellect Devourer1 1987 Self Published
Fanzine Intellect Devourer7Jun 1988 Self Published
Magazine Interface6 1992 Prometheus Publishing
Softback Interface 19.40MUH050027AC 2015 Modiphius Entertainment
Fanzine Interregnum30May 1999 Self Published
Cards Into TartarusCT51 2011 Fantasy Flight
Website The Intruder Withinn/aSelf Published
Softback Invasive ProceduresPELG09 2011 Pelgrane Press
Boardgame Investigator Expansion Pack 2020 Purple Meeple Games
Novelty Investigator Mug SetCHA9303n/aChaosium
Boardgame Investigator Promo Cards * 2017 Fantasy Flight
Softback Investigator SheetsCHA5111 1993 Chaosium
Softback Investigator Weapons Volume 1: The 1920s and 1930s60-IHB01 2012 Sixtystone Press
Softback Investigator Weapons Volume 2: Modern Day60-IHB02 2015 Sixtystone Press
Boardgame Investigators 2019 Petersen Games
Softback Investigator's Guide to the Secret WarMPS01031CS 2013 Modiphius Entertainment
Hardback Investigator's Guide to the Secret WarMUH51740 2019 Modiphius Entertainment
Hardback Investigator's HandbookCHA23136 2015 Chaosium
Softback Investigators Kit *CHA5102n/aChaosium
Boardgame The Investigators of Arkham Horror *NAHCE1 2016 Fantasy Flight
PDF An Invitation in Yellow 2018 Chaosium
Boardgame Ire of the Void *NAH12 2017 Fantasy Flight
Website Irrational Expressn/aSelf Published
PDF Irrational Express * 2003 Self Published
PDF Island 256 2019 Chaosium
Softback The Island of IgnoranceGGP1301 2013 Golden Goblin Press
PDF Isle of Madness 2018 Chaosium
Softback The Ithaqua CycleCHA6021 1998 Chaosium