Publications - D

Magazine d infinity3May 2012 Skirmisher
Softback d20 Call of Cthulhu Gamesmaster's Pack *CHA8801 2002 Chaosium
Boardgame Daemon SultanCW-F7 2020 Petersen Games
Fanzine Dagon1Nov 1983 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon2Feb 1984 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon3Aug 1984 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon4Oct 1984 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon5Jan 1985 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon6Mar 1985 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon7May 1985 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon8Jul 1985 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon9Sep 1985 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon10Nov 1985 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon11Jan 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon12Apr 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon13Jun 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon14Sep 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon15Nov 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon16Jan 1987 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon17Apr 1987 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon18,19Jul 1987 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon20Nov 1987 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon21Mar 1988 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon22,23Sep 1988 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon24Jan 1989 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon25Jun 1989 Self Published
Fanzine Dagon27Jun 1990 Self Published
Boardgame Dagon Scenario * 2015 Passport Game Studios
Boardgame Dagon's Bones 2018 Self Published
PDF Damaged 2008 Self Published
Softback Damnation ViewWDF23300 2009 WildFire Games
PDF The Damned and the Degeneratecr3005e 2017 Cthulhu Reborn
PDF The Damp Man 1999 Self Published
PDF The Dance in the BloodPELGT14 2010 Pelgrane Press
Boardgame Dance of the Damned * 2011 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame Daniela Reyes Promo Card * 2018 Fantasy Flight
Fanzine Danse Macabre2 1985 Self Published
Boardgame Daoloth Promo Card * 2011 Fantasy Flight
Softback The Dare * 2017 Sentinel Hill Press
Softback Dark Aeons: The Atlantean ChroniclesB002AD0148 2010 Stardust Publications
PDF Dark City 2009 Self Published
Softback Dark CrusadesCHA0414 2013 Chaosium
Boardgame Dark Cults 1983 Dark House
Softback Dark DesignsCHA2332 1991 Chaosium
PDF The Dark ForestFXC-02 2019 Stygian Fox
Boardgame The Dark God Promo Card * 2014 Fantasy Flight
Website The Dark Gulf of N'kain/aSelf Published
Softback Dark Haunting * 2017 Dark Cult Games
PDF Dark Island 1999 Self Published
Softback Dark MirrorCHA0338 2007 Chaosium
PDF Dark Offerings 2019 Chaosium
Softback Dark PassionsWDF23200 2008 WildFire Games
Boardgame The Dark Pharaoh Herald 2006 Fantasy Flight
PDF The Dark Planet: Round 1 2004 Self Published
PDF The Dark Planet: Round 2 2004 Self Published
Boardgame Dark Revelations *NAH16 2020 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame The Dark Ritual 2018 Petersen Games
PDF Dark Seas, Dark Dreams 2006 ADP Systems
Boardgame Dark Secrets 2016 Self Published
Boardgame Dark Side of the Moon *AHC41 2019 Fantasy Flight
Magazine The Dark Times1Aut 2017 Self Published
Magazine The Dark Times2Jan 2018 Self Published
Magazine The Dark Times3May 2018 Self Published
Softback The Darkic Language 2017 Drakat Games
Softback The Darkic Language Addenda 1 2017 Drakat Games
PDF The Darkness Over EaglescarFXC-10 2020 Stygian Fox
Website The Daughter of Setn/aSelf Published
PDF Daughter of Set 2003 Self Published
Softback Day of the BeastCHA2374 1998 Chaosium
Softback De Horrore CosmicoGGP1502 2015 Golden Goblin Press
Softback De Profundis *HOG405 2001 Hogshead Games
Softback De Profundis *CB71401 2010 Cubicle 7
PDF Dead Boarder 2016 Chaosium
Softback Dead But Dreaming *MRP0001 2009 Miskatonic River Press
Softback Dead But Dreaming 2 *MRP0013 2011 Miskatonic River Press
Fanzine Dead Elf4 1985 Self Published
Softback Dead Leaves FallCHA0406 2011 Chaosium
Softback Dead LightCHA23132 2013 Chaosium
PDF Dead Light and Other Dark TurnsCHA23159 2019 Chaosium
Boardgame Dead Man on Campus 2007 Hamster Press
Boardgame Dead of NightAHB04 2019 Fantasy Flight
Softback Dead ReckoningsCHA2373 1998 Chaosium
Softback The Dead White WorldPELGT19 2011 Pelgrane Press
PDF The Deader 2011 Stardust Publications
Boardgame Deadly Dreams2HW-1091 2017 Two Hour Wargames
PDF Deadwavecr3003 2012 Cthulhu Reborn
Softback Death in DunwichT-2 1983 Theatre of the Mind Enterprises
PDF The Death Knellscr3005r 2019 Cthulhu Reborn
PDF The Death of Sherlock Holmes 2006 Self Published
PDF The Death of Simon Michaels 1997 Self Published
Boardgame Decampmentn/aUnknown
Website Deep Commitmentsn/aSelf Published
Boardgame The Deep Gate *NAH13 2018 Fantasy Flight
PDF Deep Water 2010 Self Published
PDF Deep, Once 2019 Chaosium
Hardback Deities and Demigods *2013 1980 TSR
Softback Delta GreenPAG1005 1997 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green - Agents HandbookAPU8107 2016 Arc Dream Publishing
Website Delta Green Anomaliesn/aSelf Published
Softback Delta Green CountdownPAG1008 1999 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green d20 *PAG1010 2006 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green Eyes Only *PAG1013 2007 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green Eyes Only *PAG2107 2007 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green Eyes Only Vol 1: Machinations of the Mi-GoPAG2103 1998 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green Eyes Only Vol 2: The FatePAG2104 1998 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green Eyes Only Vol 3: Project RainbowPAG2106 2000 Pagan Publishing
Website Delta Green Plausible Deniabilityn/aSelf Published
Softback Delta Green Quickstart 2015 Arc Dream Publishing
Boxed Delta Green Slipcase * 2018 Arc Dream Publishing
Softback Delta Green The Role Playing GameAPU8116 2018 Arc Dream Publishing
PDF Delta Green/ITS Crossover 1.0 2001 Self Published
Softback Delta Green: Dark Theatres 1999 Armitage House
PDF Delta Green: PX Poker Night 2002 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green: Targets of OpportunityPAG2108 2010 Pagan Publishing
Softback Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement 1999 Armitage House
Website delta-green.comn/aPagan Publishing
PDF Demon of Catheway 1996 Self Published
Fanzine Demonground9Sum 2000 Self Published
Fanzine Demonground10Aut 2000 Self Published
Fanzine Demonground11Mar 2001 Self Published
Fanzine Demonground12Jun 2001 Self Published
Fanzine Demonground15Sep 2002 Self Published
Softback Denied to the Enemyn/aArmitage House
Cards Denizens of the UnderworldCT62 2014 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame The Depths of Yoth *AHC24 2018 Fantasy Flight
PDF Der Hexenhammer 2002 Self Published
Softback The Derelict *CHA23150 2016 Chaosium
Fanzine Descending Darkness1 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Descending Darkness2 1986 Self Published
Boardgame Desert Wrath 2016 Devil Pig Games
Boardgame Devil Boy 2015 Devil Pig Games
Boardgame Devil Reef *AHC54 2020 Fantasy Flight
PDF Devilarium: Thornen Servant * 2020 Chaosium
Fanzine The Devil's Advocatev2n1n/aSelf Published
Softback Devil's ChildrenPAG1001 1993 Pagan Publishing
PDF Devil's Children 2004 Pagan Publishing
Softback Devil's SwampNCG-DS-HC-1 2018 New Comet Games
PDF The Dhampir 2011 Stardust Publications
Novelty Dice Bag and Cup 2017 Petersen Games
Boardgame Dice of Arkham 2012 Initiativet
Novelty Dice of DoomQWS SMUN21 2009 Q Workshop
Fanzine Die Rubezahl1 1986 Self Published
Fanzine Die Rubezahl3 1986 Self Published
Magazine Different Worlds19Feb 1982 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds20Mar 1982 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds25Nov 1982 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds26Jan 1983 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds27Mar 1983 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds28Apr 1983 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds29Jun 1983 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds30Sep 1983 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds32Jan 1984 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds34May 1984 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds35Jul 1984 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds36Sep 1984 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds37Nov 1984 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds38Jan 1985 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds39May 1985 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds40Jul 1985 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds41Jan 1986 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds42May 1986 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds43Jul 1986 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds44Nov 1986 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds45Mar 1987 Chaosium
Magazine Different Worlds47Aut 1987 Chaosium
PDF Diggin' Up the WorldSSP001 2008 Sixtystone Press
Boardgame Dim Carcosa *AHC17 2018 Fantasy Flight
PDF The Dinner Guests 2015 Self Published
PDF Dinner With Susan 2010 Self Published
Boardgame Dire AzathothCW-U27 2019 Petersen Games
Boardgame Dire CthulhuCW-U13 2019 Petersen Games
Softback Dire DocumentsCHA5112 1993 Chaosium
PDF Director's Screen 2009 Stardust Publications
Boardgame The Dirge of Reason *NAH11 2018 Fantasy Flight
PDF Disaster at Monongah Mining Company 2015 Self Published
PDF The Dispensatory of Doctor Macdeadcr3005k 2018 Cthulhu Reborn
Softback Dissecting Cthulhu - Essays on the Cthulhu Mythos *MRP0015 2011 Miskatonic River Press
Softback Distant VistasBPI7501 2013 Battlefield Press
PDF Divine 2013 Self Published
Boardgame Do You Worship Cthulhu? 2006 Toy Vault
PDF Dockside DogsPFRL001 2012 Paul Fricker Publication
PDF Does Love ForgiveCHA23171 2020 Chaosium
Boardgame Don't Mess With Cthulhu 2014 Indie Boards and Cards
Boardgame Don't Wake Up Cthulhu! 2020 Don't Panic Games
Novelty Doom and Ritual TracksCW-E17 2019 Petersen Games
Softback The Doom From BelowOWC4002 2008 Super Genius
Boardgame The Doom That Came to Atlantic City 2013 Cryptozoic Entertainment
PDF The Doom That Came to Five Dockscr3005j 2018 Cthulhu Reborn
Fanzine Doomed Dwarves' Journal 1985 Self Published
Boardgame The Door To Saturn 2012 Self Published
Softback Doors to DarknessCHA23148 2015 Chaosium
Boardgame Double Agent * 2018 Indie Boards and Cards
Softback Down Darker TrailsCHA23151 2017 Chaosium
PDF Down to New England Town 1997 Self Published
PDF Down to New England Town * 2018 Chaosium
PDF Dr Clarke's Cabin 2020 Chaosium
Boardgame Dr Jin Wu Promo Card 2018 Smirk and Dagger Games
Magazine Dragon95Mar 1985 TSR
Magazine Dragon126Oct 1987 TSR
Magazine Dragon138Oct 1988 TSR
Magazine Dragon139Nov 1988 TSR
Magazine Dragon150Oct 1989 TSR
Magazine Dragon162Oct 1990 TSR
Magazine Dragon198Oct 1993 TSR
Magazine Dragon210Oct 1994 TSR
Magazine Dragon222Oct 1995 TSR
Magazine Dragon223Nov 1995 TSR
PDF Drawn from the Dark 2018 Chaosium
Hardback The Dread HouseHDG8000 2017 Hammerdog Games
Softback Dread Shadows in Paradise 2016 Golden Goblin Press
PDF DreadCon 2019 Chaosium
Boardgame The Dream-Eaters *AHC37 2019 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame Dreamescape 2020 BadCat Games
Softback Dreamhounds of ParisPELGT38 2014 Pelgrane Press
Softback The Dreaming PrinceCHA0399 2011 Chaosium
Softback The Dreaming StoneCHA2368 1997 Chaosium
Cards DreamlandsCAO1307-1 1997 Chaosium
Boardgame The DreamlandsEH07 2017 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame Dreamlands Adventures 2012 Self Published
Boardgame Dreamlands MapCW-M02 2015 Petersen Games
Boardgame The Dreamlands Surface Monster PackCW-U01 2015 Petersen Games
Boardgame The Dreamlands Underworld Monster PackCW-U02 2015 Petersen Games
Boardgame DreamQuestn/aBadCat Games
Boardgame The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath 2019 Man O'Kent Games
PDF Dreams in the Deep 2015 Self Published
PDF Dreams of the DeepSP1006 2011 Stardust Publications
Website Published
PDF The Drooler in the Dark 1998 Self Published
PDF The Drooler in the Dark * 2018 Chaosium
Fanzine Drow1Dec 1992 Creative Aspects
Boardgame Dual Expansion Set 2018 Dynamite Entertainment
Softback Dubious ShardsRA001 2006 Atomic Overmind Press
Softback Dulce Et Decorun EstPELGT32 2014 Pelgrane Press
Boardgame The Dunbitch Horrorcth002 2009 Postmortem Studios
Cards Dunwich Denizens 2006 Fantasy Flight
Cards Dunwich DenizensCT15e 2011 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame Dunwich HorrorVA32 2006 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame The Dunwich Horror 2018 Sixpence Games
Boardgame The Dunwich Horror Herald 2006 Fantasy Flight
Boardgame The Dunwich Legacy *AHC02 2017 Fantasy Flight
Softback Dwellers in Shadow0004Jul 1996 Triad Entertainments
PDF The Dying of St Margaret'sPELGT07 2009 Pelgrane Press