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TitlePagesPublicationCodeDatePublisherSystem (Setting)
Rules Qualities93-105Softback CthulhuTechWDF23000 2007 WildFire GamesFramewerk (CthulhuTech)
Card Quamish RiverLocation (F)Cards Sesqua Valleyn/aSelf PublishedMythos
Card Quantum TheoristCharacter (F)Cards The Key and the GateCT60 2013 Fantasy Flight GamesCall of Cthulhu LCG
Scenario QuarantineSoftback More Tales of Terror PAG2105 2000 Pagan PublishingCall of Cthulhu (Classic)
Scenario The Queen of Night75-114Magazine The Arkham Gazette3Oct 2015 Sentinel Hill PressCall of Cthulhu (Classic)
Boardgame Quest for AtlantisBoardgame Quest for AtlantisNX0101 2015 Voodoo BunnyIncredible Expeditions
Card Questionable JudgementAdventure (F)Cards UnlimitedCAO1306-1 1997 ChaosiumMythos
Fiction Questionable Merchandise176-177Softback CthulhuTechWDF23000 2007 WildFire GamesFramewerk (CthulhuTech)
Background The Quick and the DeadeZine Chaosium Digestv37n08Apr 2003 ChaosiumCall of Cthulhu (Classic)
Rules Quick Play Guide131-133Softback Investigator's Guide to the Secret WarMPS01031CS 2013 Modiphius EntertainmentCall of Cthulhu (Achtung!) , Savage Worlds (Achtung!)
Rules Quick Play Guide271-276Softback Keeper's Guide to the Secret WarMPS01032CS 2013 Modiphius EntertainmentCall of Cthulhu (Achtung!) , Savage Worlds (Achtung!)
Rules Quick Start Cthulhu Dark AgesPDF Quick Start Cthulhu Dark Ages 2009 ChaosiumCall of Cthulhu (Dark Ages)
Scenario The Quickening Spiral89-108Softback Tales of the Crescent CityGGP1401 2014 Golden Goblin PressCall of Cthulhu (Classic)
Rules Quirk Skills42-43Magazine The Unspeakable Oath10Jan 1994 Pagan PublishingCall of Cthulhu (Classic)
Card Quite a DameCharacter (C)Cards Forgotten Cities 2005 Fantasy Flight GamesCall of Cthulhu CCG
Card Quixotic PoetCharacter (F)Cards The Mark of MadnessCT66 2015 Fantasy Flight GamesCall of Cthulhu LCG
Novelty Quotes from Call of Cthulhu Adventures9eZine Opifex Bimonthly12Mar 1998 Self PublishedCall of Cthulhu (Classic)